Jeroen Reumkens

is a passionate frontend engineer with over a decade of professional experience hand crafting the best experiences on the web.

I also teachvia frontend.fyior read on... ๐Ÿ‘‡

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My passion for web started as a hobby back in the early 2000s.

Back in the days, when the web looked slightly different...

โ€” when iframes, tables and GIFs were for the cool kids!

Animated GIF with flaming text that says 'It looked a bit like this'It looked a bit like this...
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Everyone needs a cool website!!! I can also build these cool websites for you!!! Click the button below to contact me!!!!!!!!

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Imagine me as a teenager, seeing all the possibilities!

It sparked something inside me that is still there today...

<==< Little did I know that the web would only become more amazing over time >==>

The past decade

Back then you started out as a webdeveloper, or even a webmaster. Building full experiences, ranging from HTML, CSS, some JavaScript and also lots of PHP and Wordpress in my case.

Just like everyone back in the days I even built my own CMS.

Old skool spining logo of the best browser ever made

The name `webmaster` was probably well deserved because you were responsible for building everything from A==>Z.

Though it didn't take long before I started to realize that there was this one part I was inspired by from day one โ€” leaving an impression on peoples faces when they use my products.

This made me realise that I needed to >= focus <= and specialise myself on frontend.

More about my experiencepast work experience, projects, etc
Mind blown animation

Diving into frontend

To me frontend is so much more than "that boring and too easy piece of HTML and CSS".

If you get the details right, it are actually the most important tools to deliver amazing experiences.

Because of that, I've made frontend my sole focus since 2012.

This includes but is not limited to:

  • Accessibility
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    <img alt='picture' />
  • Design systems
  • Micro animations
  • PerformanceAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinnerAnimated gif of an old skool loading spinner
  • Semantics
  • Modern CSS
  • Automated testing
  • Animated gif of an old skool loading spinnerBrowser APIs
  • Design details
    I tried my best on this website ๐Ÿฅบ โ€”Imagine what pairing me up with an amazing designer could do... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • SEO

Needless to say JavaScript is really important as well โ€” or TypeScript in my opinion.

However, I strongly believe that JS should always enhance the experience, not be your default solution to a problem. During my career I've seen too many frontenders use JavaScript as their primary tool and threat HTML and CSS secondary. Resulting in poor frontend quality.

Currently my main library of choice is React, often in combination with a library like NextJS or Remix. I think React brings the right mix between complexity and flexibility, is very scalable and has a really powerful and innovative ecosystem. I always keep my eyes open for any new solutions that might be around the corner. Although that probably won't be Angular any time soon ๐Ÿ˜….

So yeah, I'm probably a bit opinionated. Something that's neccessary with the vast array of options in frontend world.

Well... Not really

Sharing my passion

The past years I've been focussing more and more on sharing my passion.

I want to teach people the real craft in frontend โ€” bringing the products they create to the next level.

I've already taught lot's of engineers both as a freelancer as well as a principal engineer at DEPTยฎ. But I've always felt there was way more potential in helping people and too little time to do so.

That's why I decided to turn things around. I'm going to teach you!

For individuals

Frontend is huge. You might feel overwhelmed with all the things you could learn. Or you might feel "you know it all", but still get rejected when you apply for a job. Perhaps you still want to take the plunge into frontend and don't know where to start.

I'd love to help.

PS: If you're an individual at a company, usually there's education budget available. Using that on mentor sessions with me might be a very good way to spend that money! ๐Ÿ˜‰

For teams

Over the past years I've successfully build and taught multiple teams. I've upped their standards and helped them build great products. Build teams that are self-sustainable with this new standard.

Looking at the current market, where it's really hard to find experienced engineers, I'm convinced I can bring very important value to existing teams to teach them these new standards and grow to the next level โ€” without creating a team that's eventually dependend on me.

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