My mentorship

Frontend is a craft — not a neccessary evil when building a website.

Giving frontend proper love is a key ingredient to building products that will stand out.

Building these experiences, requires engineers who make this their sole specialism. I want to help you become one of them.

There is so many competition on the world wide web.

Leaving an impression on peoples faces when they use your product is key — That is what I want to teach you.

What can I teach you?

Nowadays frontend is a very extensive field. Every week there seem to be popping up a new standards, browsers are adopting new features quicker than ever before and you can build pretty much anything with frontend tooling. Where do you even start improving yourself? Will you ever have to time to learn it all?!

Exactly why I am opinionated (I don't do Angular 😉 — huge fan of React, but always open for new things on the horizon). I'm convinced that if you want to grow in frontend, you need to focus. Focus on the things that are important right now, don't jump on every hype train and focus on the fundamentals of frontend. These fundamentals apply to every new framework that comes around.

My goal is to teach you create online experiences that stand out, by making frontend the most important piece of the puzzle. I'll teach you to make the craziest things with CSS — even fall in love with CSS. I will show you there's a whole group of visually impaired people out there who also try to use the web, or people who don't have the same speedy internet as you. I will also convince you that TypeScript is not as scary as you might think 🫣.

I will show you areas of frontend you never knew existed. That includes anything from CSS, accessibility, performance, JavaScript/TypeScript, to library specific things like React or NextJS, or more technical things like generating types from your backend API's to make frontend life easier.

I will make you a frontend engineer that will stand out above the rest.

Besides all the technical stuff, I've also worked in a lot of different teams and with a lot of different clients. Many of them also requiring me to grow in my soft skills. I'm sure I'll have some great advice in that as well.

Discover the way I teach

Still unsure whether we're a match? Have a look at my YouTube channel @frontendfyi to get a better feeling of the way I teach and explain topics.

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Example topics

Technical things

  • My website needs to comply with WCAG standards — where do I start?
  • So many libraries and frameworks out there nowadays, let me help you decide what to adopt
  • Review your current platform's architecture and create a plan to improve it
  • How do I solve ... in React?
  • *This* is not working in Safari — help!

Helping you as an individual

  • I want to grow as a frontend engineer, what should I learn next?
  • I would love to get a code review on this Schedule it!
  • How to best prepare for my job interview?
  • How can I give better feedback in pull requests?

And even broader topics impacting a whole team or company like:

  • Headless?! SSR, SSG, ISR, what will this bring to my company?
  • Headless?! SSR, SSG, ISR, why are all my engineers talking about this?
  • An agency is going to build this product for us and they say it takes them x amount of time, is that reasonable?
  • Can you build enterprise software with React? (duh ;))
  • We know we need to give more love to the frontend of our app, but could use some guidance on that.

For teams and individuals

It doesn't matter if you're a student, a freelancer, an individual at a company or the manager of a team. I think I can add value to all of you.

For individuals

Frontend is huge. You might feel overwhelmed with all the things you could learn. Or you might feel "you know it all", but still get rejected when you apply for a job. Perhaps you still want to take the plunge into frontend and don't know where to start.

I'd love to help.

PS: If you're an individual at a company, usually there's education budget available. Using that on mentor sessions with me might be a very good way to spend that money! 😉

For teams

Over the past years I've successfully build and taught multiple teams. I've upped their standards and helped them build great products. Build teams that are self-sustainable with this new standard.

Looking at the current market, where it's really hard to find experienced engineers, I'm convinced I can bring very important value to existing teams to teach them these new standards and grow to the next level — without creating a team that's eventually dependend on me.