Hi, I'm Jeroen,

a frontend engineer with a passion for the web, trying to make people smile when using my products.

I see frontend as a craft and an everlearning journey — a journey on which I love to take you, while teaching you a few things along the way.

Me wearing glasses, a white blouse and having a very short beard, sitting in a coffee bar.

While scrolling through my past experience you might notice that I pivoted a few times between freelance and working for an agency...

— Why? I've always been in search of a place where I could both create great online experiences, as well share my passion for the craft with other people. I never found the place to do that to my full potential.

With experienced engineers becoming harder and harder to find,

it's becoming more relevant than ever to have someone to teach you the craft and help you or your team grow to the next level.

That's why I've decided to do things a bit different: I'm creating a platform where I share all the knowledge I have, and give people the possibility to pick my brain!
More on that soon.

Let's travel back in time

A bit more history on how I arrived here.
We'll go from recent to past though 😉.


Building frontend.fyi

I'm currently focussing my attention on building frontend.fyi — a new platform where I teach people the craft in frontend.

Check frontend.fyi here.

Helping companies as a freelancer

Besides the time I invest in building frontend.fyi, I'm also helping companies build great products as a freelancer.

Currently I'm helping Cal.com build their amazing open source event scheduler.

2021- 2022

Principal frontend engineer at DEPT®

At DEPT® I've worked as a principal frontend engineer. During my time there I enabled a group of over 30 frontend engineers to do their best work. My responsibilities were laying technical foundations in projects, creating technical vision, supporting and educating other engineers, advising clients and projects and finding the right balance between quality and time / effort.

2018- 2021

Freelance frontend engineer

From 2018 to 2021 I've helped multiple companies build great products as a freelancer.


I joined Xebia as a freelance frontend engineer, helping them in building a serious gaming platform, converting their current 'analog' games into digital version. We've setup a platform that can be reused for multiple different games.

Dutch Ministry of Health

During the peak of the Covid pandemic I joined the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport on their endeavour to provide as much information around the pandemic as possible.

We've build multiple greenfield JAM-stack websites (SSG rendered with Next) focused on informing the Dutch citizen about travel regulations, travel restrictions, and quarantine compliancy. Finally we've also build a registration platform for any citizens traveling to the Netherlands, providing the citizens with a certificate which would be validated at the border.

reizentijdenscorona.rijksoverheid.nl, quarantainecheck.rijksoverheid.nl and quarantaineverklaring.rijksoverheid.nl.

Dutch Police

During the Covid pandemic I joined the Dutch Police in creating internal dashboarding. These dashboards helped the Dutch government in keeping track on all statistics around the pandemic — ranging from available hospital beds to fines.

The goal of the dashboard was creating a platform that could be used for any future crisis. Currently the tool is being used to help Ukrainian refugees in the Netherlands in finding a place to stay as quickly and efficiently as possible.


Working with the Rabobank Data4Food program creating web applications for visualizing data for farmers.

Lead frontend at VodafoneZiggo

As the lead frontend engineer my main task was creating solid foundations for both the new My Vodafone and My Ziggo environments and guiding the three teams in their daily work.

My responsibilities were: Joining the different teams in their development work; Supporting, coaching and teaching the engineers, doing code reviews, pair programming, etc; Consulting Vodafone in their digital roadmap. Part of that is creating plans to improve the other legacy modules as well. And start implementing these plans; Creating more bridges (especially technical, coding standards, techniques used, etc) between the differently located Vodafone and Ziggo digital teams. Making sure there is one vision / direction for the digital department.

2016- 2018

Senior frontend engineer at DEPT®

In my day to day work at TamTam/Dept I worked as a senior frontend engineer creating anything ranging from single page apps to smaller sexy campaign websites and everything in between.

Besides the engineering work, I worked hard on improving the overall frontend level of the company, bringing in new standards, coaching the engineers and maintain the frontend setup we used in most of our projects.

2014- 2016

Freelance frontend engineer at Vodafone Netherlands

As an external specialist I joined the internal Vodafone Digital team to help build, maintain and improve their own website, with a big focus on the My Vodafone environment.

More freelancing work

During the period I worked for Vodafone, I've also worked on other smaller freelance projects.

Way back..

Do I even remember this time?

The web surely was a whole different thing back then. Since 2011 I'm professionally working in web development, and until 2014 I've mainly worked at different online agencies.

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