Schedule a mentorship session

This page is a temporary entrypoint to the scheduling links for my mentorship sessions. This will soon get replaced by

Intro chat (25 min)

This session is great for us to get to know each other, and for me to explain what value I could offer you during follow up sessions.

You can only book this session once since this intro chat has a special discount applied to it.

1:1 mentoring

These 1:1 sessions are the regular sessions I offer. We can book them in a recurring schedule to make sure you keep on growing.

See the mentorship page to learn more about what I can help you with during these sessions.

Mentoring packs

Committing for more than one session helps us set clear goals towards to future and work on that together.

The packs:

  • Month pack: €949 / month
  • I'm committed pack (3 months): €2699 / 3 months
  • I just wanna code pack (12 months): €9899 / year
  • * All prices are excluding VAT

What's included?

  • Four 1:1 sessions of one hour every month (plus 10 minute preparation and follow-up time)
  • 4 hours of support via private chat (Discord). This can be used for general questions, pointers, sharing articles, having a quick look at a PR you created, etc.
  • A refund of your intro session when choosing any of these packs.
  • Life time access to the frontendfyi Discord community for the 3 months and up pack. Community will get released soon.

See the mentorship page to learn more about what I can help you with during these sessions.

Code review (60 min)

Sometimes it's good to have a second pair of eyes. Perhaps you're taking over a project from a different agency, you're just unsure if the code you've written yourself is actually any good, or want to have someone review your job application case before submitting it. I'd love to help.

Please make sure to give me access to the code before the meeting starts (in a git environment like Github, Gitlab, etc), so we're up to speed as quickly as possible.

Also keep in mind that depending on the size of the codebase, it might be very hard to grab my head around it in 60 minutes. In this case it might be wise to stack multiple of these sessions. Reach out to me via the button below for more information.

This meeting consists of max 15 minute discussing the project together, and me 45 minutes looking through your code and giving as much feedback as possible, preferably in a PR.